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  Founder & CEO

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Midwest Women's Empowerment
Summit Board of Directors


Dr. Teresa Jeter 
Teresa Barbee
Talia Jeter


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Midwest Women’s Empowerment Summit, Inc. (MWES) inspires, encourages, and empowers women to live fulfilled, productive, and purposeful lives by Stirring Up Their Gifts Within.
Founded in 2013 by Dr. Teresa Jeter, MWES was organized for women who seek to take their lives to the next level. Out of her heart that has motivated and encouraged women over the years, Dr. Jeter decided that the next level for her life was to build a larger platform to reach more women. 
Whether it is discovering purpose, being a better person, learning entrepreneurial skills, taking financial control, or seeking motivation or mentorship, it's our mission to assist women as they pursue a life filled with purpose. 
Dr. Jeter’s faith in God and her audacity to take risks have opened many doors for her. From building affordable housing and working with many nonprofit organizations, to creating a line of bath and body products that have sold in retail stores in the Midwest, to being professor, she contributes her success to God and family. 

See what Dr. Jeter is doing regarding nonprofit development and leadership and other activities at 

Contact Dr. Jeter at or for speaking engagements or for consulting services.

Purchase a copy of Dr. Jeter's book entitled Wisdom G.I.F.T.S.

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