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Founder's Award Recipients


The Founder's Award acknowledges women and organizations spearheaded by women who didn't give up in pursuit of their destiny despite the odds



Engaging Solutions, LLC

        2013 Founder's Award Recipients      

Venita J. Moore, CPA, MBA


Managing Principal
Debra M. Simmons Wilson, MCRP
Managing Principal
Tammy Bulter Robinson, MURP
Managing Principal
Charles Johnson,  III, CPA
Managing Principal
Pamala Morris.jpg
Angelia White.jpg
2015 Founder's Award Recipient
     Angelia Stone, Publisher
           Hope For Women Magazine
  2016 Founder's Award Recipient
       Sherrie Boards, Founder
                         Excel Academy

          Purdue University

    2017 Founder's Award Recipient
     Professor Pamala Morris, Phd
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